Email Marketing in the Food Industry

Best use of Email Marketing in Business

Small businesses are spending about 15% of their marketing budgets on email (RestaurantEngine). It’s still above social media and even face-to-face contact as a marketing method. There is a continuing trend towards the use of mobile and tablets. Email marketing is ultimately suited perfectly for this as it’s easy to read and on the go. A recent survey, from January, showed that mobile phone traffic accounts for 36 percent of all visitors to a restaurant’s website (HospitalityMag). This is why a mobile optimised email should be developed and test to cater for all customers, devices and browsers.

Emails are effective only if they reach the intended recipients, five tips on achieving this:

  1. Clean your list. Monitor unsubscribes.
  2. Segment list based on most recent activity. Create a more compelling subject line for inactive users or provide a special offer.
  3. Monitor subject line rules. Avoid excessive punctuation and using money signs.
  4. Spam check. Most email service providers have spam check built in, however, it isn’t absolute.
  5. Monitor you reputation. Ensure your IP Address the emails are sent from is clean, increasing your score and reputation.

Email marketing can work fantastically well for retailers when properly implemented. According to the Direct Marketing Association, consumers currently rate online retailers as the best at email marketing, with supermarkets and high street retailers coming in second and third.

Remarketing is an important marketing tool for companies. Consumers are happy to received tailored messages, with many welcoming follow up emails, but there’s a fine line between creating engaging content and people switching off. Over a third of consumers say they actively welcome a follow up from retailers after abandoning an online purchase. Getting the message right and delivering it at the right time, with the right frequency is critical to success.

Personalisation is key to the success of a campaign. This and frequency. You want to create engaging content without making the reader switch off. It is also important to have a clear primary call to action and it prominently placed within the email.


Half of all unique email opens now occur on a mobile device. The iPhone is the most commonly used mobile device for email opens and clicks. Android phones are third for opens and transactions, but second for clicks.

For a supermarket or restaurants, email marketing is one of the best ways to regularly update fans on new products, events and promotions. It is also important to adapt to your customers and how they interact with information. Being mobile optimised, general design and containing gifs, moveable ink, video, encourages engagement and clicks. It is a marketers job to then ensure all links go to responsive pages. Otherwise, they are difficult to read and deter recipients from actually reading them.

Email marketing is an ideal platform for getting feedback from current and potential customers. Subscribers are a valuable focus group. They’re already interested and engaged with your brand and what you have to say. This provides an excellent opportunity to test branding, positioning, voice and tone, taglines, and more, in order to learn what resonates with existing customers before rolling these out to wider audiences. This is a great way to get subscribers to feel invested in your brand and encourage loyalty.

Designing email campaigns that are meaningful for all involved — subscribers, your brand, and partners — is the most effective way to drive desired behaviour and deliver maximum results.

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