The Perfect Email Marketing Strategy For Retailers

Email marketing is integral to business and retail has a lot to gain from utilizing this cost effective communication tool. In previous posts you will have seen our tops tips and some really interesting statistics regarding email marketing as a tool and how the food and festival industries are using it. Now we will turn our attention to how the fashion industry is using email marketing to drive sales and increase customer databases.

You may notice that when you go onto a retail website for the first time, you are quickly greeted by a pop up, encouraging you to sign up and usually giving you 10% off your first purchase. The whole point of this is to capture your details so that you can be sent promotional emails.


Once the retailer has captured the details of the potential customer, it is important that certain factors are taken into consideration.

1. Mobile optimization is incredibly important for retailers (expandedramblings). Normally, there are images in the emails that retailers send out which highlight the product. If a customer is having to zoom in and out of an un-optimized email, the impact of the product is lost as well as the customer being frustrated.

2. Promos, competitions and sales aren’t essential. Retailers are lucky in that they are working with very visual products. Sometimes just showing new season clothes will be enough to make customers click through to the site paired with the right message and sense of urgency. Below are some examples. River Island used the subject line “Enhance your style with our shoes, bags + occasion wear” and used bold visuals to appeal to the customer.


This next email was from Net-A-Porter. The subject line read “Must-have pieces to wear to work”. Again no mention of a sale or discount but they created a sense of urgency with the words “Must-have”. This was paired with a graphic named “The Chic List” with the “essential style update” continuing that sense of urgency.


Fashion Bunker chose a tactic similar to Net-A-Porter by creating a sense of urgency within their subject line “Get Your Hands On Them Now!” This was then followed by an email filled with bright shots of clothes, graphic prints and lots of visuals.


3. Retailers should use their email marketing to promote their social media channels (Practical E Commerce). As customers have willingly signed up to receive these emails, they are considered warm leads, and can be driven to your social media channels to improve your online klout. This is very easy to do and simply requires adding social buttons to your emails so that customers can easily click through into your various social media channels.


4. Transactional emails: Transactional emails can deliver amazing results with the right messages to the ideal customer when timed properly. Transactional emails are those which confirm a purchase, notify a customer of shipping dates, explain a warranty etc. 60% of customers, don’t mind receiving marketing messages within these emails. Silverpop notes “Because these
messages reach customers at a time when they are most likely thinking about the company in a positive light, savvy marketers are eager to utilize transactional emails to enhance customer relationships, solidify branding and cross-sell and up-sell additional products”.

The opportunities for retailers are endless when it comes to email marketing. They can very quickly entice customers with visual graphics and by creating a sense of urgency. Retailers need to do more to incorporate their social media channels into emails as a means of cross promotion, and most importantly, retailers need to recognise the power of the transactional email. Nothing is more powerful to a company, than a customer who is open to their marketing message.

Expanded Ramblings: Driving Retail Sales with Email Marketing Made Easy

Silverpop: How Retailers Use Transactional Email

Practical E Commerce: 8 Ways to Integrate Social Media with Existing Marketing


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