The Top 6 Social Media Retail Trends for 2014


Social media has vastly changed the retailers landscape and there are many upcoming trends in social media which will continue to change retailers strategies. Customers can now see behind the scenes on shoots, how products are made, compare prices easily, comment on the quality of the product in an open forum and generally be more a part of the retail experience. Customers are no longer “the end user”, often, social media allows customers to be involved in many stages of the retail experience, such as MAC cosmetics re-releasing customer favourite products. In this post, we will examine the new social media retail trends for 2014.

1. Segmentation

Not all of your content should be shared on every platform. You should share specific content on certain sites. Carlos Gil explained it best with this handy guide:

  • Facebook is your community of brand advocates where you are posting relevant updates whereas
  • Twitter is where you’re having meaningful 1-on-1 dialogue
  • Vine and Instagram humanize your brand through colorful photo and live video
  • Pinterest connects your brand as everyday solutions
  • Foursquare rewards your most loyal customers

By using this you are tailoring your content to what your followers actually want to see on that social media feed. Customers don’t want to see 1-on-1 dialogue on Facebook, save it for Twitter. While this creates more work for your social media manager, the results are worth it.

2. Content

Amy Porterfield constantly stresses the importance of ‘Native posts’ as opposed to ‘Non-Native posts’. What this means is, you should aim to have your posts be part of the conversation, as opposed to forcing your way into conversations. Say less, show more is a good mantra to have. Customers don’t want to feel like you are constantly selling your brand to them. Sometimes an image with subtle product placement will do. Don’t force your message on customers, because that will surely drive them away.

3. Adapt

68% of Millennials get their news from social media and 66% look up a store after learning that their friends have checked in there. This group is expected to outspend Baby Boomers by 2017. This is important as Millennials base a lot of their purchase decisions on their friends opinions, so likes, shares, retweets, favourites, comments and clicks are becoming even more important to sell your brand. Millennials are big mobile users, so adapt your strategy to incorporate mobile based apps like Vine and Instagram.


4. Community

It is important to focus on the community of people who are already following you. Don’t constantly search for more followers, promising them discounts and promos. Some of your most engaged audience is already right under your nose. Embrace them, reward them and in turn the will happily become brand advocates.

5. Collaborate

It cannot be denied that bloggers are an influential group. It is important to leverage then advocates especially in relation to point number three, Millennianls are a highly influential group and seeing someone famous or with strong social klout will definitely work in your favour. Bloggers are highly receptive to advocating brands, this will be become essential for retailers to exploit in 2014 to stay just ahead of the curve.

6. Mobile

As mentioned earlier, mobile is going to be a huge trend in the retail world in 2014. Mobile payments are expected to amount to $90 billion in the coming years. We can see it happening already, people shopping on the go, on their commute. Customers are becoming comfortable with shopping on their mobiles and once people realise the convenience of it, mobile retail should grow at a huge rate

So there are the top six social media trends for retail in 2014. Retailers should quickly work to develop strategies for each of these trends, or risk being left behind.

Amy Porterfield: How to Effectively Use Facebook Ads and Email

Daniel Drucker: Retail Trends and Predictions 2014

Carlos Gil: Social Media Trends in Retail to Look for in 2014



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